State Project Facilitation Unit, Uttar Pradesh

Research (P.hd) Fellowship



  • Ph.D. degree holders are not adequately available in the state for teaching engineering & technology. Therefore, State Project Facilitation Unit, U.P. has proposed the scheme of research cum teaching fellowship under the provisions of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme Phase-II (TEQIP) for the qualitative improvement in the research in TEQIP-II assisted Institutions along with assisting in teaching.
  • Research cum Teaching Fellowships will be awarded for a limited period of three years subject to consistent satisfactory appraisal reports at Institute and presentation at the respective University before RDC (Research Degree Committee) of the concerned area.


The Scheme of Research cum Teaching Fellowship, intends to promote research activity and create teachers with Ph.D. qualification in the State by utilizing the experience of qualified faculty available in the TEQIP-II assisted Institutions through their affiliating University for stimulating and inspiring excellence in Technical Education and allied areas.


A post graduate with Masters Degree in the appropriate branch of Engineering & Technology with Ist Division.


  • The Fellowship is tenable generally for a period of three years from the date of joining or the date of award of Ph.D. Degree, whichever is earlier. Fellowship duration may be extended by six months in two installments, thus maximum duration for scholarship will be four years only. However the maximum time for completion of Ph.D. will be as prescribed by the Ph.D. Ordinance of University where the Fellow is registered.
  • The Fellow shall be required to make presentation of the work carried out by them at the host Institution every second month before an Expert Committee appointed by Institute/University. There shall also be regular appraisal of research performance of the Research cum Teacher Fellow every six months by the RDC of the University.
  • On the recommendation of the RDC / Expert Committee, the Institute/University may terminate the period of the Fellowship by giving one month notice.
  • Research cum Teacher fellow will have to sign an undertaking to the effect that he / she shall not leave the fellowship and complete the Ph.D. Degree in stipulated time, failing to which he/she shall be debarred from pursuing Ph.D.or any other course from the respective University. Joining May be submitted on the Format given in Annexure IV.


The Fellowship consists of,

  • Scholarship: Rs. 28000/- per month for three years duration. However, it can be extended for six months depending upon the performance of research scholar on the recommendation of supervisor. Thus maximum duration for scholarship will be four years only.
  • Contingency Grant: Maximum upto Rs.30,000.00 (Rupees Thirty Thousand Only) per annum for three years only for creating research facilities , stationery, postage, presentation of one paper in the national/international conference in the country, travel etc. The Research cum Teaching Fellow will have to apply for contingency amount on the prescribed format.

An additional grant may be given for developing research facilities once in the tenure period and on applications submitted within six months of the commencement of the Fellowship to the Institute/University from TEQIP funds as per rules. No facility such as Air Conditioners, Computers, Telephone etc. can be created out of contingency.


  • Application for award of Research cum Teaching Fellow is to be submitted to U.P.T.U., Lucknow on the prescribed application form against the notification issued for the same.
  • Selection of Research cum Teacher Fellow will be made through written test and interview to be conducted by affiliating University.
  • No. of fellowship shall be as prescribed by Institute/University/SPFU in the notification.


  • SPFU will invite the proposals from the host Institute for number of the Teacher Fellow in different departments as per the availability of faculty for guiding Ph.D. and research facilities.
  • Maximum number of Research cum Teaching Fellows to be selected in a year against dropout will be done with the limitation that the total number of such Research cum Teaching Fellows at all time is not more than the maximum no. prescribed in the respective Department of the Institution/University.
  • Host Institutions will submit the proposals to University for getting Research cum Teaching Fellows in respective departments ensuring that sufficient facilities and faculty for supervising the research are available in Institute. Head of such Institutions may invite proposals for carrying out research activities from faculty members in Institute and then get it thoroughly examined at Institute level before submitting the requirement of Research cum Teaching Fellowships, department wise to SPFU, Lucknow.
  • All provisions of prevailing Ph.D. Ordinance of University will be applicable on the research fellow and supervisor(s).
  • Incomplete application shall not be entertained.
  • The candidates for the Research cum Teaching Fellowship and the host institution are intimated immediately after the approval of the admission by the University through SPFU, Lucknow. The quantum of the grant approved in the form of Scholarship and contingency to the fellow will be communicated through an offer letter along with the terms and conditions governing the scheme.
  • The offer of Fellowship will be non-transferable and be valid for the period as mentioned in the offer letter. In case the Research cum Teaching Fellow does not join within the stipulated time period, the offer will be deemed to be cancelled and withdrawn.
  • If a Fellow accepts any other fellowship, assignment, honorarium or employment during the tenure of the fellowship, the sanction will be deemed withdrawn and , he/she shall be debarred from pursuing Ph.D.or any other course from the respective University. No lien will be allowed.
  • Following documents need to be provided to University immediately after the receipt of the Letter of Offer for the Fellowship: (1) Letter of Acceptance,(2) date of joining and (3) Undertaking on the format of joining report given in Annexure IV. Only on receipt of the above documents, the SPFU, Lucknow will sanction the fellowship grant.
  • Research cum Teaching Fellowship commences from the date when the Fellow joins the host institute within the period given in the offer letter.
  • Change of host institution is not allowed.
  • A Research cum Teaching Fellow may avail leave in a year as admissible to a Research Fellow. However, summer and winter vacations should be used for carrying out research activities. Leave will be sanctioned by the Host Institution and its record be maintained.
  • A Research cum Teaching Fellow may be allowed to pursue part of research work at some other premier institution/research lab/industry for a maximum period of 3 months for which the permission shall be granted by the respective head of institution based on the recommendation of supervisor giving explicit details of requirement of doing so. The work carried out at other places will have to be acknowledged in the thesis work.


  • TEQIP-II funds will be at the disposal and control of the host institution, which is entrusted with the accountability of grants.
  • The Host Institution/University must maintain separate accounts for entire scheme to check / verify the accounts to satisfy that the funds have been utilized for the purpose for which they were sanctioned.
  • The Host Institution shall allow the SPFU’s Finance Officer or its nominee to check / verify the accounts to satisfy that the funds have been utilized for the purpose for which they were sanctioned.


The Contingency grant may be utilized for secretarial assistance, tours undertaken as an essential part of the proposed work, purchase of books and journals not available in the institution, postage, special consumables or other materials essentially required for the work, and for availing the services of technicians / attendants.


The Scheme of Research cum Teaching Fellowship has a provision for submission of feedback at the end of the each year and on completion of tenure in order to know the progress of the work and find out how best the scheme can be operated keeping in view the objectives of the scheme.

  • For continuation of the Fellowship for the subsequent years of tenure, the Fellow and the Institution should submit Annual Feedback report as per the format (Annexure– I).
  • Final feedback : Research cum Teaching Fellow is required to submit a Final Feedback to University/SPFU for the entire duration, in the prescribed proforma at the end of the tenure. The feedback should include detailed information about (a) the original objective(s) of the scheme, (b) how far these objective(s) have been achieved, and (c) how the results have benefited the country’s technological development. Reprints of papers arising from the work completed under the Scheme should be attached to the Final Feedback (Annexure– II ).
  • The Host Institution is also required to submit a feedback detailing the benefits occurred to the institution from the Research cum Teaching Fellow, in the prescribed proforma at the end of tenure (Annexure– III).


The following are the obligations of the Research cum Teaching Fellow :-

  • Each Research cum Teaching Fellow has to teach 8 -10 periods per week at undergraduate level in the host Institution where the Fellow will be placed along with research activities in the Institute.
  • In addition to the above, a Research cum Teaching Fellow shall spare time for other academic assignments of Institute/University such as examination invigilation, evaluation etc.
  • The Fellowship must commence within the time period as stipulated in the offer letter unless otherwise authorized by SPFU, failing which the fellowship will be treated as withdrawn. In case of non completion of Ph.D. during the maximum tenure of fellowship, the research cum teaching fellow shall be debarred from pursuing any academic programme from respective University.
  • The feedback to SPFU should be submitted at the end of each year and at the end of the tenure.
  • The support given by TEQIP-II should be acknowledged in all publications arising out of research work done under the scheme.
  • Facilities created, books etc. procured out of the TEQIP –II Grant shall be property of the Host Institution. Fellow shall have to return all these things to Host Institution before seeking No Objection Certificate for submission of Ph.D. thesis.

Application on prescribed formats complete in all respect should be sent to the Registrar, Uttar Pradesh Technical University, I.E.T. Campus, Sitapur Road, Lucknow-226021 (U.P.)

All correspondences with SPFU should be made with Chief Project Coordinator, State Project Facilitation Unit, Board of Vocational Examination Building, Govt. ITI Campus, Aliganj, Lucknow – 226020 (U.P.).

Candidates who have not applied for Ph.D. admission against the notification of SPFU for award of “Research cum Teaching Fellow”will not be considered for award of fellowship in any case.