State Project Facilitation Unit, Uttar Pradesh

Chief Project Co-ordinator’s Message

  • Neelam Srivastava
  • Chief Project Co-ordinator
  • (State Project Facilitation Unit, Uttar Pradesh)


Technical Education is one very important component of society , as it is the future Engineer who build the nation as a whole whether it is soft skills or automation of industries or development of Infrastructure .We are blessed with the World bank sponsored Technical Education quality Improvement programme(TEQIP) for our state. The programme is run under the umbrella of MHRD and State Government Uttar Pradesh. The aim of the project is to produce skilled manpower of the highest quality comparable to the very best in the world and in adequate numbers to meet the technological needs. Participation in TEQIP has brought in new energy, vitality and resources in the Technical education sector of the state. It has paved way for systemic changes by transforming the government’s traditional role of input control towards a role of focusing on outcomes and incentivizing improvements in engineering education.

TEQIP helped the project institutions of Uttar Pradesh to implement academic and non academic reforms for their self conceived institutional development programmes that focused on quality and relevance, excellence, resource mobilization, greater institutional autonomy with accountability, research and equity.

Under TEQIP, the project institutions have set up New Laboratories, Modernize labs, purchase equipments that were necessary for their labs do campus wide networking. Faculty and Staff gets benefit for Improving their education, involve in training programmes , exposure to National and International Conferences, encourage publications in International/National Journals, develop patents. The project also have emphasis on opening New UG/PG programmes and focus on undertake innovations in teaching/research.

It monitors the quality education by making Accreditation of courses compulsory at the colleges and focus on system management capacity improvement by providing software solutions as PMSS, MIS etc.

My wish is to do the best for the improvement of various engineering colleges with the support of this project.