State Project Facilitation Unit, Uttar Pradesh

State Project Advisor

State Project Advisor
  • Surjan
  • State Project Advisor
  • (State Project Facilitation Unit)


The State of Uttar Pradesh is committed to implement TEQIP-II according to the norms. The state shall support and facilitate the implementation of both academic and non academic reforms prescribed for all project institutions.

All project institutes have already implemented reforms under Administrative, Managerial, Financial and Academic spheres. All academic, administrative, financial, procedures and decisions are transparent and care is taken in involving maximum participation of stakeholders, viz faculty, staff, students, parents, industry et al.

TEQIP-II institutes have their own ‘Boards of Governors’ duly represented by the almost all the stakeholders, viz., the teachers, the renowned academicians and the representatives of the industry. The BOG holds each Government aided institution accountable towards Government, civil society and industry.

The methodology by which the knowledge is transferred from the teachers to the students is of extreme importance in technical education to encourage an open learning environment.